Between 2004 and 2005, CESD coordinated with Arab non-profit organizations to create the first training manual for governance. We held training sessions for Syrians, Jordanians, Lebanese, and Iraqis on how to utilize the manual within their own institutions. Articles and proposals were written to push the Syrian government towards development by using effective governance tools and policies. We wrote reports to detail potential constitutional amendments for parties, such as the Baathist Party in Syria. Reports that intended to alter amendments and policies were created for the Ministries of Education, Health and Transportation Departments


خطة مركز التنمية البيئية والاجتماعية المقدمة للتحالف المدني السوري “تماس”

بقلم: عصام خوري منسق مركز التنمية البيئية والاجتماعية //عضو مؤسس في التحالف// 27/06/2014 تنامى النزاع العسكري السوري بصورة قسمت المجتمع السوري لكتل مختلفة متحكمة بالارض السورية، وهذه الصورة السوداوية هي اعمق في تأثيرها السلبي منContinue reading