Category: GENDER

CESD believes in gender equality in the Middle East and North Africa and strives to promote women empowerment and equal rights within the region.

We have organized training sessions regarding women’s rights, roles in society and politics, and held seminars on CEDAW (The Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women) for Iraqi, Jordanian, Lebanese, Saudi, Bahamanian, Egyptian, and Sudanese women.

During the Syrian civil war, our seminars focused on Syrian women and the changing atmosphere on the ground. We are partnered with The Garden of Hope Foundation, which campaigns for gender equality and assists disadvantaged women and children.


المنتدى الاورومتوسطي //مرسيليا// 2008

تحرير : عصام خوري تتعاقب الاجتماعات بين وفود ضفتي البحر المتوسط لايجاد قواسم عمل مشتركة تنهض بواقع منطقة اليوروميد، وهذا ما دفع المنظمين لتحيد لقاء مرسيليا  في سبتمبر 2008. وكان لافتا ان  الوفد السوري في هذاContinue reading