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CESD is one of the first non-profit organizations to participate in EuroMed projects.
In November 2003, we attended a EuroMed platform, and were invited to participate in projects dedicated to support for immigrants as well as gender equality and development. Reports were conducted in order to promote the project, believing that they would be a first step for democracy in the MENA region. When CESD was founded, a youth team was formed. We hosted youth development programs, such as EuroMed Youth. From 2004 to 2009, our organization sent more than 60 members from Syria to European and MENA countries for youth exchange programs. We provided training for youth journalists and citizen journalists in Syria, Egypt, Morocco, Jordan, and Lebanon. Students were accommodated with housing near Syrian Universities. Many of these students and members went on to become influential figures and role models during the Arab Spring across the Middle East


المنتدى الاورومتوسطي //مرسيليا// 2008

تحرير : عصام خوري تتعاقب الاجتماعات بين وفود ضفتي البحر المتوسط لايجاد قواسم عمل مشتركة تنهض بواقع منطقة اليوروميد، وهذا ما دفع المنظمين لتحيد لقاء مرسيليا  في سبتمبر 2008. وكان لافتا ان  الوفد السوري في هذاContinue reading