Refuge: An NYU Screening and Panel Discussion

May 3, 2018

NYU Tisch School of the Arts

New York, NY

By Karolina Lukasiewicz

Since 2011 when the civil war in Syria stared 2/3 of Syrians were displaced. This means 12 million people had to leave their homes. Majority of them – 6.3 million became displaced within Syria (they are called Internally Displaced People), 5.5 million became refugees and over 185,000 are still waiting in their asylum procedures. After years of civil war in Syria, first neigbouring countries started restricting travels for Syrian citizens, and then European countries did the same. As a result, for some people, the only way left was through the Meditereans sea. In 2015, over half of the people forced to take this most dangerous route from Turkey to Greece were Syrians. Some of them died here.


Cayce Pack – MSW

Associate Director of the Zolberg Institute For Migration

Issam Khoury – MA

Journalist and human rights activist from Syria

Kelly Agnew-Barajas – MA

Director of Refugee Resettlement Catholic Charities Community Services

Nancy J.Murakami – LCSW

Program Manager of a psychosocial support program in Nyakabande Refugee Transit Centre in Kisoro, Uganda


Neil B. Guterman – MSW, PHD

Dean and Paulette Goddard Professor of Social Work

Moderator – Shreya Mandal

NYU Silver Adjunct Lecturer; Co-Convener of the Immigration and Global Social Work Committee of NASW-NYC



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