Aya Azzawi


January 22, 2016: A day to remember for the rest of our lives. Everybody was preparing to fight the snow storm that put New Jersey in a state of emergency. Meanwhile, the Azzawi family were having their own battle to fight. Their beloved daughter Aya Azzawi, born September 28, 2012, was diagnosed with a rare and fatal brain cancer, DIPG, which left the family in total shock. Hearing the diagnosis on that day, their lifves turned upside down, the heaviness of the bad news left them helpless and numb. Because of the storm, all they were able to do was research for questions and answers to help the frustrations they were left with. Unfortunately, the findings were not exactly what they had hoped for.


After they met Aya’s oncologist, he confirmed that there was a 0% chance of survival for her type of cancer, and Aya would likely only live another 9-12 months. They were left with only one option, radiation treatment to expand her quality of life for the remainder of her time. It was the proper way to say goodbye to their daughter. The family agreed to carry out radiation therapy, and the journey in research began. Aya underwent radiation, but ultimately it failed. A virus based clinical trial and intra-arterial immunotherapy trial were administered, and another radiation treatment was given, in order to buy more time. They exhausted all options and sources which they were offered.


Aya now is in progression, the tumor is beginning to effect her slowly, and the family lost hope to find treatment options in the US. However, they did come across a treatment center that operates in Monterrey, Mexico. They discussed the options with families that are undergoing the same situation. Many children were showing positive results and responding well to the treatment they received in Mexico. The procedures though, will be expensive, and everything is out of pocket. As parents who work full time jobs and have more children to take care of, they are facing a financial hardship in saving their daughter’s life.


We are kindly asking you to help us save Aya’s life. Your generosity and efforts to help an innocent child will make a change in this young girl’s life. Any contribution at all would be mostly appreciated by all of us, and we will be forever thankful to each one of you. Give Aya a chance to live, she has been fighting this battle for 19 months. She has the will to fight and survive. Allow her to live up to her name, which means ‘Miracle’. Help us turn Aya into this miracle that defeats this terminal and incurable cancer.

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