Margaret Waage

By:Issam Khoury 

Photography changed my life in such a liberating way. It allowed me to travel and speak at places that I would not have been able to visit otherwise

It really was and is a way for me to learn about the world and its culture, and about people that I might never have met

Photography has changed, especially in the last ten or fifteen years with digital technology. Now everybody is a photographer and a storyteller. I think that’s a good thing, I think we need to learn more about our neighbors through these stories and images

We can make positive changes in the world. We can let officials know that people need food and jobs. One of the most important ways we can do this is to document these stories and people

Photography has benefited my life, and has given something to me

And in turn I can give something back

They say every picture tells a story, so that’s what I do with the camera

Photography  Margaret Waage

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