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Journalists and activists risk their lives everyday by publishing photos, videos, and stories about what is unfolding in Syria and in the Middle East. Multiple former prisoners have recalled the torment and abuse they experienced while inside these prisons. Videos of torture and executions have emerged from political prisoners and rights activists alike.

A few of our members have been arrested and some even killed inside Syria, as they supported freedom and dreamt of creating a new culture in the Middle East. ETCC has conducted research and completed articles to protect activists and political prisoners in the Middle East and North Africa against dictatorships. We have organized protests in support of human rights in the MENA region, and continue to write declarations for the release of prisoners who are being held unjustly and face extreme abuse at the hands of guards


خطة مركز التنمية البيئية والاجتماعية المقدمة للتحالف المدني السوري “تماس”

بقلم: عصام خوري منسق مركز التنمية البيئية والاجتماعية //عضو مؤسس في التحالف// 27/06/2014 تنامى النزاع العسكري السوري بصورة قسمت المجتمع السوري لكتل مختلفة متحكمة بالارض السورية، وهذه الصورة السوداوية هي اعمق في تأثيرها السلبي منContinue reading