Executive Committee

ETCC relies on consultations from researchers in the MENA regions and abroad 

issam khoury

Issam Khoury:  Founder & CEO

Issam Khoury is a journalist and political activist from Syria with more than 15 years of experience in writing. He has conducted research on politics, governance, Islamic groups, human rights, culture and arts for major news media in the Middle East and North Africa. His writing is focused on the harsh realities of a situation, and this has often resulted in face-to-face confrontations with those opposing freedom of expression and the press in the Middle East

He is an author of two novels, has written more than 500 reports, and is an expert on political and social trends as well as personalities

He is the first investigative journalist to report on the revolution while still in Syria. He has been arrested, his novels banned and his travel restricted. Most recently, he was an International Journalist fellow at the CUNY J-school in New York City

He has trained journalists across the Arab world, and is currently Senior Advisor at Strategy XXI Partners


Development Programs:Thea Sigerman

Thea is currently in the MSW/MPH program at NYU. Her background includes youth recreational development, disaster management, and permanency/educational advocacy for youth in foster care. Her academic and professional interests include disaster/crisis management and global health




Research Assistant & Proofreader: Adam November img_3096

Adam November holds a BA in Political Science and Criminal Justice from Brooklyn College. He specializes in Middle Eastern affairs, human rights and global relations. His international development background has allowed him to join non-profit organizations in their commitment to provide urgent humanitarian aid and medical treatment for disadvantaged families in the Middle East and Africa. He plans to pursue an M.A. in International Affairs


 Secretary: Rasha Boulos

Secretary in the Nonprofit organization, an editor with 9+ years reporting on developments in the Middle East, with particular emphasis on the human rights and education. she edited 40+ investigative reports on human rights and education between 2014-2017, and taught more than 900 students over a period of 3 years.

She has a bachelor’s Degree, Geography from  Tishreen University.



IT & Design: Sibar Soumi

Sibar Soumi has provided non-profit organizations with website development and troubleshooting issues. He studied Information Technology and Computer Systems Engineering at Mamoun University in Syria, and is currently studying Computer Science at Paderborn University in Germany





Juvenile Justice and International Human Rights Law: Khawla Almumanikhawla

Khawla Almumani is a Jordanian lawyer who has worked in several civic organizations in the Middle East, particularly working in the field of children’s and refugee rights







Kurdish Affairs Specialist:  Hessen Prrohassan broo

A Syrian lawyer, Hessen Prro is a well-known writer on Kurdish issues, and has contributed to various newspapers and websites